Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Camper Bunk Bed Poles

Folding Poles for Camper Bunk Beds (by TopLine)
TopLine Folding/Locking Legs
While looking at some camper parts online, I stumbled on a company (TopLine) that makes folding poles of various sizes that can be used for bunk beds. There's obviously a lot of other options for using these (folding table, etc) but the bunk option is the one that's the most interesting to me. Currently my poles are still in fairly good shape but if I need to replace them, I know where to find some now.

Likewise, if you need replacement poles for your bunk or you're looking to add a bunk to your camper. Check out these, they might work. They come in 4 lengths:
  1. 16" [FL3400-16]
  2. 24" [FL3400-24] (should fit the U-hauls)
  3. 27.5" [FL3400-275]
  4. 30.5" [FL3400-305]

You can also see my previous post about pole stability and the post about mods I made to our bunk bed in the U-haul.