Wednesday, December 30, 2015

LaCrosse Grange 18-inch Boots Review (Video)

LaCrosse Grange 18-inch boots
Santa brought me a new pair of mud boots for Christmas. With the wet weather and flooding we've been having lately it was a great addition to my gear. I ended up with LaCrosse Grange 18-inch boots. These boots are great for having to deal with high water around the house, fishing, farming, and even camping. While I don't recommend hiking in them, they are a great resource to keep stashed in your truck or in your RV. Nothing is worse than getting your nice pair of shoes caked in mud. So I find these a great investment.

The boots fit true to size. If you're a half-size, go up to the next full size. My 11's fit perfectly. They are tapered around the ankle which allows them to grip. It may require some push to get them on, but when you're walking in a creek or muddy muck, it's nice to know they won't slip off easily. Their nice and high and have the ability to cinch up at the tops. They have a bit of a heel to them. The tread on the bottom grips decently and doesn't seem to hold mud (at least not for me yet). These are not insulated, so if you're going to be in the cold you may want to look for another boot or wear thick socks. All in all they're a good mud boot and I'm happy with my purchase.

See my video review below to see them in action.