Thursday, December 4, 2014

All I Want For Christmas...2014

Well what's on your Christmas wish list? Mine is short. It is most years. Actually it's mostly less about buying something and more about doing something. But I do have a few gadgets I'm hoping to  acquire related to camper/camping. So here's my list broken up into stuff and to do:

Camper/Camping Stuff

  • Beach Tent/Cabana. Hoping to get something portable for when we camp at the beach to provide a little shelter on the beach.
  • Beach Wagon. When you have kids, you have a lot to haul to the beach for the day. Even if you're camping close, you don't want to run back and forth a bunch. I saw a neat one this year that could flip over into a table. Here's one made by Copa.
  • Weatherstripping for windows. Need to order this for a project in the list below.
  • Adult Bike mount. probably will go with roof mount option but I'd like to find a way to take mine and my wife's bikes with us. Right now we usually just take the kids tiny bikes by cramming them in the camper.
  • Canoe. Major on my wish list but due to cost may be at the bottom of reality right now.

Camper/Camping To Do List

  • New Converter install. I already have the converter and fuse block. Just hoping to find time to install. This is probably the highest priority of my projects.
  • Replace Side Window. About two years ago, a random company who specialized in crates of surplus from old warehouses opened a box and put the content up for sale on the web. Turns out they were New Old Stock (NOS) Uhaul Camper windows. They sold out pretty quick since there is nothing else like that out there. Normally you got to get custom made or cut the fiberglass to fit a Scamp window. The previous owners of ours had gone the plexiglass route. So I'm hoping to find time to yank that out and put the original window I got in its place.
  • Fix a flooring issue. have an issue where a section of the flooring I installed is separating. Need to cut a new piece and install.
  • AC install. I have some rough plans on an air conditioning installation.
So that's it for my wish list. What's on yours?  Feel free to comment on what projects you hope to finish over the winter or gadgets you hope to get. 

Merry Christmas!