Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Uhaul Camper Restored

So fellow Uhaul Camper owner Bret Hinkie in Texas has done a great job restoring theirs. It was a full frame-off restore. They shared this video of their masterpiece and I'm sharing with you. This shows just how far you can really go restoring one of these vintage trailers and make it your own. Lots of potential and I commend them for their hard work on this project. Enjoy the video!

I wish I had the time or the money to do a great job like this. Unfortunately, I don't have either and I don't want to go a year without using the camper in order to do this detail of work myself. So I'll continue to try to do repairs/upgrades in small bites as I go. With winter coming on, I'm hoping to get some projects done on her before the spring. Maybe a new window installed but definitely hoping to get a new converter installed.More details to come as I get time to do them.