Monday, March 10, 2014

To begin...

We love camping. As a family with young kids (4 and 5), it's a lot of fun. I'm all for getting the kids out of the house away from the tv as much as I can. Unfortunately, packing up the tent and gear and getting on the road after work on a Friday do go somewhere was a lot of work. I still love tent camping but with the kids and the bigger tent it was just a big effort. I decided I wanted a small camper that could be left packed and ready go. Just add kids, dogs, clothes, and food then stir. :) I started looking at popups and small lightweights. couldn't really find what I wanted or anything that just bit me and said, "I'm the one!"

Then we stumbled on a craigslist add for this Uhaul fiberglass camper not far from where we lived. I started doing research and was blown away by the whole fiberglass camper community. I loved it. they were perfect. You didn't need a Suburban to pull one, and didn't have to worry about drying it out like a popup or tent. I was hooked and we drove up to see it. We pulled it home that day. 

Our friends and others at campgrounds are amazed that we all fit in this little thing. It's 13 feet from bumper to tongue. About 6 ft wide and 10 ft long inside. It's tight. I won't lie. And on cold and rainy days it can feel a bit cramped. But we can sleep us, the two kids, and 3 dogs (ok they're Yorkies and a Silky). The goal is to make everyone want to be outside. :)  We have a screen room we take to put our chairs and table under to provide some shade and protection from the rain. 

Here's her photo from the Craigslist ad :